I’d never believed that Twitter was actually cool until I started following Weird Al and until this happened to me:

Greg WeaverGreg Weaver @ScoreVGM
I’m scared of listening to “Baba Yetu” because I’ll immediately want to go spend 6 hrs playing Civilization IV.

Shannon MasonShannon Mason @pongball
@ScoreVGM I’m scared of listening to “Baba Yetu” because it’ll immediately make all my music seem terrible in comparison. 😉

@pongball Fair. In fact, a little TOO fair. X)

@christophertin @pongball He caught us! Run! To space! … oh wait, that view of Earth will just remind me of “Baba Yetu,” too.

@christophertin @pongball It’s times like these… tinyurl.com/7k9fudmThat is what you look like, right?

Christopher TinChristopher Tin @christophertin
@ScoreVGM @pongball Haha. More or less, minus the makeup.
@christophertin @ScoreVGM Oh god, I just sat down and saw all this. Yeah, that video sums it up, hahaha.

Christopher Tin is the composer of “Baba Yetu,” title track from Civilization IV. Fun fact: “Baba Yetu” was the first piece of VGM to win a Grammy.

Shannon Mason is also an up-and-coming VGM composer (“also” meaning alongside me because I technically consider myself one as well; she, though, has actual content to back up that title, haha).