The Indie Game Music Bundle is exactly what it sounds like: a purchasable package of indie game music soundtracks.

You have less than eight days to get them!  Pay what you want for 5, and if you pay $10+ you get a slew more.

The five initial game soundtracks include:

Aquaria by Alec Holowka
Sword and Sworcery: Ballad of the Space Babies by Jim Gunthrie
To the Moon by Kan Gao and Laura Shigihara
Jamestown by Francisco Cerda
Mechanarium by Tomas Dvorak

And the $10+ ones feature:

Shatter by Module
8-Bit Pimp (Chip-hop EP) by A_Rival
Mighty Switch Force by Jake “virt” Kaufman
Cat Astro Phi by Disasterpeace
Passcode: Soul of the Traveler by Disasterpeace
Mechanarium (Bonus EP) by Tomas Dvorak
Tower of Heaven by Flashygoodness
Eternal Daughter by David Saulesco
Songs for the Cure 2010 by Various Artists

… plus three more unlockables if enough people buy!