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All original content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License and
©2009-2013 Gregory Weaver.


All of the musical works below are original compositions of mine.  Anything from 12/2011 on has been featured on this blog, and you can find the corresponding blog post for each work by clicking the link embedded in the name of each tune.

If you would like to contact me to discuss composing for your project (game or otherwise), please message me your contact information through my Facebook page.



Behemoth – 5/2013 

A Binding Harmony – 5/2013 

Fanfare and Jubilee (Remastered) – 4/2013 

Heart of the Woods/Woods Theme (Remastered) – 4/2013 

Happy-Go-Lucky – 3/2013 

Monday’s Theme – 3/2013 

Sabba4 (Draft) – 3/2013 

Kalimba – 2/2013 

Hypothesis 209 – 2/2013 

Lullaby – 2/2013 

A New Horizon (Draft) – 2/2013 

Nerdache Cakes Theme – 12/2012 

Town Accords (Draft) – 8/2012 

Lass of the Moon (Draft) – 8/2012

Streets of L.A.  8/2012

Mr. A.C. (Keep Your Cool) – 7/2012 

Fanfare and Jubilee (Draft) – 6/2012 

Gumshoes (Draft) – 5/2012 

Woods Theme (Draft) – 12/2011 

Ice Breakers OST – 11/2009 


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