Forest or Village Theme 1 (Draft 1)


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I’ve been kind of wondering when I’d actually get to composing something and, well, tonight was the night.  I wasn’t even planning on it, but I was sitting in bed and a little melody popped into my head and I figured I should just get to it.

After making the decision to go ahead, I immediately realized that it was indeed a good decision.  The melody is exactly what I want in a first tune: it’s simple.  My writing typically isn’t simple, as I consciously constantly try to think of what I can do to develop a part and make it more interesting even if it doesn’t need any more development.  Since that can make things very cluttered, one of the goals I set for myself before I started the blog was to let things stand and not make unnecessary developments.  As I work on these songs, you’ll be able to see what I’m doing, and if I go too far with something, you have my permission to tell me to stop.  Remind me of my goal if things get too crazy!

Without any further ado, here is the first very very rough 21 seconds of my inaugural project for [Score.]!




Hi, my name is Gregory Weaver and it is my dream to compose music for video games.

Since I love to write and recently rediscovered the joys in making my own blog, I decided to start a new one to catalog my journey to my career path of choice.  If you join me for the ride, you will be able to read about every step of my creative process, including (but not limited to):

–  Composing.  Through screenshots, PDF files, and imbedded audio, you will be able to see and hear the progress that I am making in writing tunes from their birth through either their final mastering or their death at the hands of my better judgment.  Or, best-case scenario, you will see them in games.

–  Exploring Video Game Music.  Before I decided to create this blog I realized that I don’t listen to enough video game music, and the stuff to which I do listen is from the PSX era at best.  I am looking to make up for lost ground, and will review what I study here, citing what I like—and what I don’t like—about soundtracks that I explore.

–  Finding inspiration and developing new ideas.  Whether I am finding inspiration in music outside of video games, in things that I practice, in articles that I read, in nature, etc., I will share my musings and talk about the effects that they’re having on my current musical self.

–  Getting to where I want to be.  How will I shimmy my way into the video game industry?  I’ve heard it tough, but I am confident that I will make it in.  Consider this a guide to what works and what doesn’t work when trying to create a path into this coveted land.

So, is this blog worthwhile?  Am I chasing a crazy, impossible dream?  Maybe.  But only through keeping up with me here will you find out.  Join me as I venture into the unknown and either make… or break.