VGM or Not? #2: Merry Christmas!

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Okay.  Right.  I KNOW YOU KNOW.  I just had to put that [ultra killin’] Christmas cheer out there.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus, etc., and an exciting New Year!  You’ll likely get a number of posts from me after today (since I have multiple days off from work), so look forward to them.  This year I’m resolving to post at least four times a month (most months).

And to close out the post… one of my all-time favorite Christmas songs…



VGM or Not? #1


I stumbled across a track that I thought could serve a dual purpose as both VGM and in a general musical capacity, such as an audio recording on an album to which people would actually listen.  Check it out, formulate your own answer, and then read the whole post to reveal the truth.

What say you?  Is this track a trick or a treat? (sorry… had to put Halloween in here somehow; also, the tune, whether it’s a trick or not, is a treat… so… anyway just keep reading!)