News:  According to a press release revealed on the blog UndergrounDuelists, Link will have a harp to play in the upcoming Skyward Sword.  The harp will use the functions of the Wii Remote Plus.

Opinion:  My first impression is to be excited about this feature, though I don’t know if I should be.  The last time I played a musical instrument in Zelda was in Ocarina of Time, and the function of the music in the game and the tunes themselves really sold me on everything.  I remember playing the game at my friend Kyle’s house (again, I had a PSX and not an N64) and rushing home to learn the tunes on my house piano.  Every time I played the game afterwards, I just wanted to bust out the song of storms everywhere.

That being said, I’m not sure if the other games have had musical elements and, if they did, whether or not they were any good. If the harp in Skyward Sword has a similar function to the ocarina, I’ll be psyched and will definitely review the songs here.

Source (also includes spoiler-ish information about dungeons and game progression, so be wary): “PR: Link’s Adventure heats up in the Eldin Volcano; music and game play converge in Skyward Sword